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Taking Payment Over The Website

Paymentap provides your customers with a secure online portal to make payments by credit card and debit card. Customers can easily update their personal information, access their account details, payment history, link multiple accounts or save their payment information for future payments.

Paymentap online payment platform is mobile optimized and compatible with any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. This online payment management system makes collecting payments faster.

Take Pyaments over  Website
Online Payment Over The Website

What Is Online Payment?

Online payments allow the money transaction to be carried out electronically. This process is held through the internet, digitally stored value system, and computer networks. Any form of payment received through the internet is regarded as an online payment.

Online payments are the process of directly transferring the funds from the bank account or credit card of the payer to the bank account of the merchant.

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PCI Compliance and Online Security

Anyone who is going to receive online payments must comply with a series of security measures. The vast majority of these measures are designed to protect personal information and billing from being stolen. All transactions must be held over an encrypted connection.

In recurring billing, in which the payer’s data is stored, you need to provide a series of security protocols, and these are referred to as PCI compliance requirements. In online payment procedures, where recurring billing systems exist, periodical scanning must be carried out to detect possible vulnerabilities.

PCI Compliance And Online Security Payments
Online Payment Gateway

Gateways for Online Payments

A merchant must have access to a valid Online Payment Gateway to start accepting online payments from it’s clients.

Any service provider that handles all the required processes between the payer’s bank account or credit card, merchant’s bank account, and payment processor serve as an online payment gateway.

Online payment systems used on eCommerce platforms ensure electronic payment for online transactions. With the increasing trend in shopping through the internet and internet branches of banks, eCommerce online payment systems have become the preferred option.

A standard online payment process is held as follows:

  • The payer shares his or her payment information with the merchant. This process automatically initiates when the payer fills and submits the payment form available on the merchant’s website.
  • The merchant shares this payment information with the online payment gateway.
  • The online payment gateway shares the information with the payment processor.
  • The payment processor initiates a quick check for the information and then shares the condition of the query with the online payment gateway.
  • The online payment gateway shares the result with the merchant’s system.
  • The merchant’s system acts according to the result and finalizes the process, i.e., the payment will be accepted or rejected.
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