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Fully featured ecommerce and online payment processing solution

  • Take payments without using a credit card machine.

  • Take online card payments by sending your customer a payment link on WhatsApp, email, Facebook or Instagram.

  • With Paymentap, online payments are much easier to understand.

  • Paymentap's simple pricing plan with no hidden fees is guaranteed to save you money.

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Accept payments quickly, easily, and securely

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Our Online Payment Processing

  • Having the ability to take online payments is a crucial part of becoming more accessible to your customers - and as Paymentap team we are here to help you every step of the way.
  • Paymentap's simple pricing plan with no hidden fees is guaranteed to save your money.
  • Being able to accept online payments is one thing, but with our simple and cost-effective processing service you can focus on growing your business rather than getting bogged down by unnecessary and confusing fees.
  • There’s no minimum monthly service charge (MMSC)
  • Our payment gateway service is perfect for a wide variety of online businesses, and if you’d like some guidance on which option is best for you, we’re ready to talk you through what’s on offer.
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accept card payment ACCEPT CARD PAYMENTS

Are you new to card machine?

Are you new to using card payments? We now assist many businesses in completing large card purchases in exchange, online, over the internet, and on the go. We also offer customer support.

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Switch to save

Do you want to change your card machine provider but you're afraid of cancellation fees? You don't have to hesitate any longer. The savings you will make with us will easily cover any withdrawal costs and even make a profit.

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