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Are you new to using card payments?

We now assist thousands of businesses in completing large card purchases in exchange, online, over the internet, and on the go. We also offer customer support.

Accept Card Payments

Accepting Card Payments

Need To Take Card Payments?

Taking card payments would rapidly and efficiently improve your business. This encourages the customer to spend more and expands the user base, meaning you do not have to turn away customers. This is particularly useful for creating an online store. In addition, that means less cash and checks and less bank costs. It's gainful.

You can pay by card in four ways: by card maker, by phone, email or by payment online. You can use a payment door. We make it quick, whatever you want. First, we will build a trader account for you (everyone who accepts card payments has to have one).

Then we will help you pick the correct card machine or provide a payment gateway online based on the way you wish to receive payments.

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New To card Payments
  • We're going to have it completed. More quickly.You don't accept card payments every day, you skip the sales. That's what we know. But in just 3 days we'll get you up and running.
  • A price suitable for you So we will make sure that we have the right deals based on your company’s interests as we understand that one size does not always suit all.
  • Friendly customer support You will have a designated contact who will assist you during the entire installation. After that, the service from the UK is available 24/7.
  • The estimates you want. We understand that time is money, so we never squander it. Even our devices are quick – simply plug them in and you're off, from simple online subscriptions to 24 hour setup.

Take the hassle out of accepting credit card fees.

How much does it cost to accept card payments

How much does it cost to accept card payments?

We assume that since no two businesses are alike, card processing fees may not be the same. This is common sense. So, before sending you exact costs, we will take the time to consider your company and how you are going to receive card payments. However, due to our strength of numbers strategy, our prices are often 40 percent lower.

If you want to use a card machine, you can pay a small monthly rental fee, but no start up costs will be charged, and the bill will be simple to understand. As you might have noted, we believe in keeping things straightforward and transparent.

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