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If you take the payment from a single service point; the best solution for you is a countertop terminal

About Countertop Card Machines

If you need a low cost, high quality countertop card machine for your retail, look no further. Whether you prefer to use broadband or a landline connection, our countertop card machines process payments in record timing.

If you only need to take payments at the cash register, this is the most fast and secure option for you. These machines have a Contactless features just like Mobile and Portable machines. Paymentap’s countertop card machines have all the important up to date security features that protects you and your customers against fraud.

Countertop Card Machines
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Accept payments quickly, easily, and securely

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Countertop Card Machine Features

Countertop Pin pad Card Machine Features

  • Gain access to widest range of smart terminals in the industry
  • Have seamless and secure payment Technologies
  • Accelerate checkouts by offering electronic signature
  • Accept any preferred payment method from consumers
  • Win the hearts of your customers with carefully designed interactive business apps
  • Offer consumers large, multi-media touchscreens
  • Become mobile with reliable wireless terminals
  • Contactless Feature

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Are you new to card machine?

Are you new to using card payments? We now assist many businesses in completing large card purchases in exchange, online, over the internet, and on the go. We also offer customer support.

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Do you want to change your card machine provider but you're afraid of cancellation fees? You don't have to hesitate any longer. The savings you will make with us will easily cover any withdrawal costs and even make a profit.

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Countertop Card Machines